Travel Tips

Travel [travuh l]

to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey:

Isn’t travelling just the best thing?!

Most people are just so much more relaxed and even more open-minded when they travel. Leaving the hectic days behind, not having to worry about work, everything is different: the smells, the faces you pass by, the cuisine, the nature, the buildings, the list goes on. Don’t you feel the need to head to the airport right now? Me too!

However, a planning little nerd I am, I like to go prepared. These things don’t take up too much time, but are crucial when it comes to travelling (and you will be having a much more relaxed trip).


Pick the right season to go

For example, don’t plan on going to Las Vegas in summer. It’s a city in the desert and you will get grilled on the streets. Also, National Parks and Monuments are much more enjoyable when temperature are moderate.

Going to Finland in winter is a great idea as you get to do husky sledging and see reindeers, however, make sure you pack the right clothing!

You might want to check for rain seasons as visiting a tropical country might sound like sun, beach and palm trees, they will not show off right in those vacation photos. Venturing out and exploring different areas is so much cooler when the sun’s out.


Plan you trip (but not to the max)

You want know where you are sleeping the first night of your arrival. Flying for more than 10 hours, being sleep deprived and then having to look an accommodation is not fun.

Brainstorm with your travel buddy – if you have one – and write down the places you want to visit and things you want to do and see. You are not on the same page? You want to on that beautiful hike you heard about but your friend wants to go surfing? Make compromises! For example, check if there is a waterfall crossing the hiking path, I am sure your friend will love to have lunch there and taking a dip in the cold water might be fun Spend the next day on the beach. Read a book while your friends hits the waves or rent a stand up paddle (SUP) and go on the water yourself.

Make sure you’ve got some days where you have no idea yet what you want to do. It’s easy to overboard and pack every single day with lots of activities.


Know the visa requirements

Check the expiration date of your passport before booking a flight. Then see, if the country you’re travelling to requires any sort of visa. Depending on where you are from this either is an easy task or you have to apply for a visa far in advance. Also, be aware that when you add transferring countries to your flights you also need to check visa requirements for those countries.

Make copies or take photos of your travel documents.


Meet locals

To experience a country through a local’s eye is the best thing you can do! Be open and make friends. Not only do they know where the best spots are, if you get along with them, they might as well invite you to dinner or to stay with them even! The cool easy-going person you are, you will then invite them to visit your country too and so we all connect and exchange our thoughts, experience and knowledge. How awesome does that sound like?


Look for festivals, special events, open air movies, flea markets, sports events

There might be a festival happening where you are going. Check local websites to figure out what’s going on when you’re there. Also, if you are a flea market lover like I am, you should keep an eye open for those as well. You might not be able to buy big things such as a chest drawer, but clothes and smaller things can easily fit into a suitcase or even a backpack.




Wi-Fi Time-Out


Not having Wi-Fi can be a good thing! Everyone needs a digital detox from time to time, so embrace it!