Top 3 Beaches on Fernando de Noronha

∇ Baia do Sancho

We were told by our brazilian friend that getting to the Beach is adventurous. You’ll have to descend 230-foot perpendicular cliffs which means that you need to climb down two metal ladders which are very steep and placed in between cliffs. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, only until I tell you that children and old women in flip-flops manage to get up and down too. When you finally get down to the beach, you are greeted by clear turquois water that has bathtub temperature. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear, as you might be able to see some underwater life and swim with sea turtles.

Many day tour boats are anchoring in the bay, so you won’t have it all to yourself – just so you now.

The beach is beautiful but despite the fact that it has been rated best beach in the world, it isn’t my personal favorite.



Praia do Conceição

Not too far away from Vila dos Remédios there is a beach called Praia do Conceição. We were able to see this beach from our Airbnb apartment and it’s right next to Morro do Pico (Peak Mount), a volcanic formation and the highest point of the island. The beach is mostly quiet and very nice to hang out for a few hours. If you’ve had enough sun for the day, then get back but make a pit stop at Praia do Cachorro where you’ll find a natural pool by the cliffs.



Praia do Leão

This is my absolute fav! We discovered this beach by accident as we took the wrong way. You see, taking wrong turns aren’t that bad, there might be a beautiful beach just around the corner! Praia do Leão is very close to Praia do Sueste but definitely more remote and much more beautiful. Besides two people, we were the only ones there and let me tell you, this beach is massive! Only about 10 minutes after arrival, we were completely alone and the total quietness next to the waves crushing ashore gave me goosebumps! It really did bring everything into perspective. We are such a teeny tiny part of the world but we are powerful and able to change it (for the better, I hope). The water is rough and I wouldn’t recommend swimming. However, when the flood comes in in the late afternoon, natural sand pools are formed and you are able to lay in the water and just relax. This by far is the best and most precious memory I have taken home from our stay on this island.