Favorite Podcasts

Long distance flights or road trips are the best opportunity to listen to podcasts. I, personally, get tired of listening to music after 3 hours and I seem to not enjoy audio books as much as reading for myself with my own inner voice. This is why I am very much into the whole podcast thing. They gain on popularity quickly and there are some very good ones out there. Here are some of my favorite (and they are all free!).

∇ A Mindful Mess

I have been following Maddie’s blogging career from the very beginning. Her blog dariadaria has recently undergone a makeover and so (it seems) has her life.

She published her first podcast in September 2017 and what I like most about it (besides her very soothing and lovely voice) is that she talks about very personal and “inconvenient” topics, e.g. self-confidence, insecurity, global issues etc.. The podcasts are in German, though I believe she will be doing some in English in the near future. (iTunes)




∇ Conversations With People Who Hate Me

Dylan Morron takes it to the next level. He reacts to hateful comments he gets on his Youtube channel via podcast. It’s far too easy to hide behind a screen, typing words that hurt the people in front of the camera. One might assumes that the person on the screen has an advantage, but when it’s really the people who write words in the comment section they would never say to your face in real life. Dylan calls these people and what before was a monolog becomes a conversation between two total strangers with different opinions. (iTunes)


∇ Happy, Holy & Confident

This is one for all the german-speaking people out there who strive for a happier life and more self-love. Laura is such a great coach and since I have been listening to her podcasts every morning, (they usual are 15-30 minutes long) I feel so much better. I started noticing that I am now thinking more thoughtful thoughts and am more conscious of my mind set. Listening to her podcasts every day keeps reminding me that I can do everything and be everything I want to. Nevertheless, nothing happens without you working on it – this includes working on yourself. (iTunes)

∇ Ted Talks

There’s a Ted Talk about almost every subject you can think of. They are only about 15 minutes short and perfect for listening to them while getting ready in the morning or while waiting to drop off the checkedin bags at the airport. (iTunes)


∇ How I Built This

Have you ever been wondering who the people behind big brands are? Here you can listen to the story of entrepreneurs and innovators. I am a curious person, which is why seeing behind the scenes of their success is just up my street. (iTunes)


∇ At Home With

Anna (The Anna Edit) and Lily (Lily Pebbles) are both Youtuber and real life friends who visit inspiring woman, such as Liz Earle, Founder of Liz Earle Beauty and Zoe Sugg, Youtuber, Author and Founder of Zoella Beauty in their home and take you on a house tour where they get interviewed at the same time. If you are looking for a #girlboss podcast, this is the one. (iTunes)