Bye & Hello

I’m not a «resolutions» kinda girl. I prefer focusing on myself and my life every day rather than doing so in January and then forgetting about it by the time February comes around.

There is nothing wrong with having those New Year resolutions though. I definitely think starting a new year inspires people to change things and some even stick with it, which is great.

I personally write notes on what I want to accomplish and where I want to travel or who is inspiring me every time the though is crossing my mind. I mostly use my iPhone notes to do so, since that’s what I carry with me all the time. However, I also like to write it down neatly in my little notebook at home. Just because that feels more real to me somehow. I would like to share some of these pages with you today – maybe you get inspired.

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Get inspired! – What music makes me feel happy? Who am I admiring? Why? What platforms inspire me? Mood board?

Get to know yourself! – I am I feeling today? What does my body tell me? How is my mental health? Do I have positive thoughts? What do I need to change?

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Set goals! – what do I want to achieve? What are my dreams? How can I realize them? What do I need to do so?

Travel more! – What destinations are appealing? With whom would I like to go there? Do research on destinations.

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Also what helps me with sticking to those things is to have them present at all times. I tend to look at my notes in the morning on my way to work simply because it makes me feel more conscious. I like starting the day with a little toothbrush dancing action (shoutout to dariadaria) because it gets me in a really good mood.

I am also a huge fan of mood and inspiration boards. I love Pinterest (duh, who doesn’t?!), but I tend to forget to go back and look at my boards which is why I print some of the pictures and hang them on a wall at home. I also write some words and phrases that declare my intentions. Therefore, every time I walk by I get reminded what I want and dream of. I find it much easier to actually do those things and make them come true.

So now that you got a little sneak peek into my notes, I would like to know if you do New Year resolutions or how you summon your ideas and dream.

I wish all of you a life that you love living, dreams that become reality and so much love for yourself. May every day be your favorite one.