48 Hours In Amsterdam

If you can’t take off more than a 2 or 3 days of off work or you just need a break from your everyday life, then this is for you!

I got inspired by a friend, who decided to do one of those short trips every month, and went to Amsterdam, Netherlands in December for only 48 hours (yes, it took me this long to write a post about it). Since I live in Switzerland and flight time is only 1.5 hours this was ok for me. However, I could have stayed much longer because there’s so much to do!

Breakfast Day 1

We went for breakfast at Pluk because a friend raved about this place and it totally lives up to the hype! The Dutch know how to do food combined with amazing interior! Even from the outside, all you want to do is having a look at what’s inside. The breakfast was delicious!

Other great options: Cafe de Prins, Bagles & Beans, The Cold Pressed Juicery, Dr. Blend, Juice Brothers, Ivy & Bros

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Activities morning

There is really only one way to get around Amsterdam and this is by renting a bike. It seems as if every single local owns a bike and this is why I’m telling you right away: take care, respect the (traffic) rules, and ride with caution! Even as a pedestrian, you have to be extra careful when crossing a street. Nevertheless, I don’t want to scare you off, riding a bike in Amsterdam is so much fun and as I mentioned, the easiest way to get around town.

A super touristy thing to do is go taking a photo with the I AMSTERDAM sign – so we went for it straight away 😉 I recommend going in the morning since there won’t be too many people and you can actually still see the sign (and not only the people in front of it). Only a few steps away is the Moco museum, which is only one of many museums in this city. The Banksy exhibition we went to was fun and thought provoking, just to my taste!

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Afterwards, we strolled along the canals and explored the surroundings. That’s the cool thing about Amsterdam, you can walk around with nowhere to go and still find something exciting and beautiful around every corner.

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Although, we didn’t get to go (the line was way to Long), I definitely recommend visiting the Anne Frank Huis. For everyone that did not read the diary of Anne Frank yet, it’s about time. Read it on the flight or in the evening at the hotel.

A little further down you can stroll around at the Bloemenmarkt (the flower market) where you can find the famous flower of the Dutch: the tulip. Another cool thing to check out is Vondelpark. The “green lung” of Amsterdam is the largest city park and most certainly the most famous one. It’s the perfect spot to catch some sun on those spring/summer days and to give yourself a break.


For lunch, I recommend the Foodhallen: a market place for food, kind like the Chelsea Market in New York or the Timeout Market in Lisbon. Another option is the Vegan Junk Food Bar or the Scandinavian Embassy. Both are amazing lunch places.


Activities afternoon

But enough with the relaxation. We’ve only got 48 hours here, remember? De Pijp is a neighborhood you would wan’t to see when in Amsterdam. Even though I think Amsterdam is a hip and trendy place all over, De Pijp is THE hipster part of the city. Previously home to the working class, it is now bursting with cozy cafes and a lively nightlife. Not only the local Heineken beer, but also the largest open-air market is home to this neighborhood. Basically, you would regret not exploring the south part of the city.

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Most places I have mentioned above also serve dinner, so have another look. If you are in De Pijp neighborhood then check out any of the cute restaurants, they are all great!

Activities evening

If you are in Amsterdam, then the Red Light District is one of the places you cannot miss. This “sight” is a special one. I personally didn’t enjoy going “window shopping” for women, but it definitely was an experience. Note: always think of what your mother taught you: BE RESPECTFUL!


If you’re staying more than 2 nights then the Ecomama Hostel is the place to stay! I have seen it on many Instagram accounts and it looks dreamy! Since we stayed only for one night, we had to look for another accommodation. We booked the cheapest hotel (Mozart) we could find at that time and it was surprisingly ok. The beds were comfortable and the room (& bathroom) clean. A super cool option is Mr. Jordaan. Imagine those rooms you pin on your Pinterest board for Inspiration..this is Mr. Jordaan.

Breakfast Day 2

Right next to Pluk is Ree7 an equally amazing breakfast spot. We sat right above the kitchen area and watched our breakfast being prepared. The juices help you to kick that metabolism and have a good start into the day!

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Other options: Corner Bakery, The Avocado Show, C.T. Coffee & Coconuts.


No city trip can end without some shopping, right? Amsterdam has some amazing shops and they are all pretty close to each other. Here are some of my favorites: Edited, Weekday, Monki, & Other Stories, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Bullit, Vind-it Vintage, Sostrene Grene, Hema, Dille & Kamille