Food Guide // London

England, especially London, is such a great place for foodies. There are tons of cool cafes and restaurants and today I hope to introduce you to some new ones.

Breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal and I seriously could eat it every day at every hour. If you are #teambrunch, you will definitely find some goodies here.


Let’s start with Bill’s. There are various around town (as well as in England in general) and if you have a sweet tooth their breakfast options are going to be your jam (pun intended^^). Their granola is homemade and soo good. You can also opt for something on their “all day” menu. There are so many healthy and tasty things on there.

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Grind Café has a more industrial feel to it and serves, as the name suggests, coffee. Next to all the espresso you can drink, they also have great brunch and dinner Options.

Daisy Green is one of my favorite places. The choice of locations is super unique, so don’t be surprised when you enter what looks like a super small coffee and then there is a large downstairs area with flowers hanging from the ceiling. Their food is delicious and it’s a dream of mine to try every single item on their menu.

Daisy Green

Ok this isn’t your normal coffee place. Aida not only is a shop where they sell amazing clothes and home decor items, but they also serve so many yummy lattes such as the infamous Rose. Definitely a must, if you want that cool Instagram photo and are in the mood for a splurge.

Dog friendly, Pinterest worthy food, delicious avocado toast, rustic and comfy are the words I would use to describe the Farm Girl Café. Just have a look at their website and you know why you need to go there *swoon”.

The Breakfast Club is super famous and always busy. I definitely recommend going there on a weekday and even then, you might have to wait in line for a while. Their pancakes are pretty damn good though, so….


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If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am such a fan of Le Pain Quotidien and go there in every city I can find one. I always feel right at home and love their salads. Also I can’t resist a pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant) when I see one and theirs is delicious.

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I wouldn’t forget about you, you coffee loving people and connoisseurs. Monmouth Coffee is the place to get your daily dose of caffeine.

Now on to the more lunch/dinner appropriate restaurants.

I came across Greenberry Café when I was walking up to Primrose Hill and thank god I did! I have never eaten more deliciously prepared cauliflower. They have so many incredible dishes on their menu. Also if you are heading to Primrose Hill anyway (great view over the city) then why not make pit stop at Greenberry’s?

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You probably know Homeslice already, but I thought I’d put it on the list anyway. Sometimes a girl’s just craving a nice big slice of pizza and Homeslice is the place where I get mine.

You can never go wrong with a good old burger. Honest Burgers is one of my favorite spot, mainly because their sauces are out of this world!

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If you just want to grab a bite, then Smack Lobster Roll Deli is always a good idea. I personally, find that the rolls like more like hot dogs, but who am I to judge their look?! They are delicious and that’s the only thing that matters.

Last but not least, there is ALWAYS room for dessert. Crosstown Doughnuts is where I go to get me a (huge) donut. YUM!

Who else is hungry after reading this? I’ll go grab something to bite now…



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