Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi coast has been all over social media these past year, which is why people from all over the world have been travelling to this amazing place along the Italian west coast.

As mentioned in this post, we travelled by train which was easier than expected. We took the fast train from Milan to Salerno, which took us about 5 hours. We had to make seat reservations and got very lucky as we both had two seats to ourselves. Since we took the earliest train possible (which meant getting up at 5am), we took up the opportunity and slept almost the whole way.

Arriving in Salerno at around 11am we then bought bus tickets to Amalfi where our hotel was.

Note: bus tickets can be bought at any kiosk/tobacco store around Italy.

The roads are winding along the coastal hills and at times I had to hold my breath as busses where crossing with no more than 5cm between them. After one hour, we arrived in Amalfi. Since our hotel was a little outside the main town of Amalfi, we had to take another bus (any bus going north & up the coast). 5 minutes later, we were dropped off at our hotel, which was called “Villa Maria Luigia“.

It was a little hard to find the entrance at first, so let me help you out: walk about 10m back from where the bus came from. Look for the sign that says the hotel’s name on a wall along the street. After ringing the bell, they will tell you to head towards the garage/parking space, taking the elevator up to the first floor where to reception is. We loved the hotel! The staff was super friendly and helpful, the room was spacious and cute and it was quiet.



Only a few meters away was the entrance to the stairway to hell, as I liked to call it. 400 steps leading down the steep hill to a beautiful pebble beach that almost only Italians knew about. We paid 15 Euros for two lounges and an umbrella, which was a good price since we spend the whole day there. In addition, a butt workout is included, since heading up those stairs is the only option to get up to the hotel.

In the evenings, we walked into town, which roughly took us 20 minutes. Exploring the town left us thirsty, so we had an “Aperitivo” at the restaurant right in front of the stairs leading to the cathedral of Amalfi and later ate dinner at “Donna Stella”.




Positano might be the most famous village of the Amalfi coast, so we decided to check out, if it’s worth the hype. I have to say that Positano really is stunning!

We took a ferry from Amalfi to Positano and the view from the boat was incredible – what a way to arrive! We explored almost every narrow street and enjoyed the view from different angles. To be honest though, about 200 other tourist did exactly the same! Positano was incredibly busy. Another downside for sure is that since it’s such a tourist magnet, prices were twice (or even triple) as high as in Amalfi! However, it is definitely worth a visit. I personally would want to stay there, but go on another day trip to Positano for sure. Check out Franco’s bar and the restaurant of the L’Ancora hotel. We loved both places so much!



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