3 Tips On How To Save Money

Shop more cautiously

I put this one on top of all because it seems to be the biggest “issue”: the shopping. Do you really need that new foundation or that dress you saw the other day? Social media influence us a lot and I’m not denying that when I see a cool bag, summer dress or bikini on that girl on Instagram I feel the urge to head straight on asos.com or wherever and get it. However, I now found a good strategy that works for me, where I don’t just buy stuff because I feel like it that day.

As soon as I need/want something, I put it on a wish list in my bullet journal. You could also pin it to a “wish list” Pinterest board or find some other way to keep track. Then I wait two weeks. If I still think about that specific item after that time, I put a star in front of it on my list. Then I check my closet for items that might be similar to it and decide if I could substitute my craving with this piece. If so, good, if not, then I color the star yellow. I then check how many colored stars there are on my wish list. If it seems an appropriate amount of things (like 1-3) then I shop for them. If it’s more than 4 items I prioritize and only allow myself to shop for 3. To make it easier, I put the 4th item the wish list again (no star) and wait another week. Then the whole thing starts again.

I have to praise myself a little on this one because I got pretty good at it and now rarely even put a thing to the list. Just keep an eye on the prize! Is this material item more important to you than travelling to your desired destination?

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Do it yourself

Eating out and getting a cheeky little coffee here and there really adds up! Try bringing your own tea/coffee/water, use a reusable cup or bottle and help saving not only money, but also the planet. Prepare your lunch at home the evening before and bring snacks. These are all very easy things to do, but really make a difference. Try it for a week and put the money you would normally spend in a jar. You’ll be surprised at how much there is in that jar by the end of the week.

Move back in with your parents

If it is an option, then ask your parents to move in with them. Don’t just assume that they would want having you back anyway, take your time and ask them. If you feel like they are hesitant, then make sure it really would be ok for them. Also, make sure to set a day you will move out again / go on your travelling adventure. It can take some time to adjust for everyone, as you might have been living on your own for a while now and your parents got used to having more space in the house or run around in underwear again as they used to do before they had kids. Just be considered.

If everyone is ok with you moving back then make sure you don’t just live there for free. Participate in the costs for groceries, help cleaning and be a good housemate.

You’ll be surprised how much money these three tips will help you saving up for your travels! Give it a try and let me now how this is going for you!

Here’s an inspirational picture for you to get you started 😉