What To Do In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Most of you have probably heard of Angkor Wat, one of the most famous temple complex in Asia. We went there for sunrise like about 500 other people did too. It was super beautiful to see the sun rise behind Angkor Wat temple. Also, if you visit Angkor War early mornings, it won’t be too hot. Since with 162 hectares, it is the biggest religious monument in the world, it takes a long time to even only visit 3 to 4 of the temples. That’s why you can get different passes such as a 1 day pass, 3 day pass and a 7 day pass. The 1 day pass costs 37 USD which actually is almost the amount of years it took to build Angkor Wat.


Gamers and movie lovers would also know the temple Ta Prohm, which is were they filmed the movie

Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie. It was amazing to see – if only a few – the temples and I would highly recommend going on a tuktuk or van tour with a tour guide while visiting Siem Reap. It is well worth the money, as the guides know so much about the temples and some of them will also tell you stories of their childhood and how they grew up in such a troubled country.


Floating Village (Kompong Phluk)

I was not sure if I should do a tour to one of the floating villages at first as it is quite controversial. Honestly, at times I did feel like we were visiting a zoo, looking at locals instead of animals, on the other hand, it was very interesting to get to know about their lifestyle and how they cope with the fact that nature floats their village for a half a year, whereas the other 6 months it’s dry and dusty. The constructions of the houses on stilts were amazing to see (we obviously went in dry season). I  wish I could go back in a few months to see how it looks when water levels rise.

Fun fact: kids are allowed to drive their own boats to school at the age of 6.

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Volunteer at ECC School

ECC school is located about 15min. out of Siem Reap and is an organization were you can Volunteer as an English teacher for Cambodian kids (grade 3-6). A friend I met while travelling was in Siem Reap at the same time as I was and wanted to do it, so I joined her for a week. I loved the experience so much and would do it again any time! The kids are amazing and even though it is nothing like the classes I know from Switzerland, it was such an incredibly rewarding experience. They teach at the public school close by in the mornings and afternoons and then also teach evening classes at ECC school after. It’s my favorite memory from Cambodia.

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