Hostels in Cambodia

Hostels in Cambodia

Cambodia truly surprised me with all the fancy (while still affordable) hostels around. Here are some of my favorites:

Siem Reap – Lub D Hostel

Award winning in Bangkok, Lub D hostel in Siem Reap really is an exceptional one when it comes to infrastructure. I love when hostels do pods (beds that go into the wall to create a cozier feeling). There are usually 10-12 bed in one mixed dorm room which sound like a lot, but the rooms are super spacious and there is a separate part where you have something like a wardrobe where you can hang stuff and also put your valuables into a huge locker. The beds are super comfortable and the rooms felt always clean and calm. I had a good night’s sleep during my 4 day stay there. Towels are included. They only have one bathroom (per gender) though which you share with the others on your floor. However, I’ve never had any problem with that as I could shower when I wanted to and the toilets were also usually empty. You can also do laundry (located in the bathroom) which is a nice feature, although I found it more convenient to just give it to a laundry on the street where they did everything (cleaning, drying, folding) in 24h for very cheap. The hostel also offers very nice tours and it’s very well organized. Breakfast is delicious and the snack options are great. The only downside in this hostel was the common area. There is a pool, which is nice to have, but there are not enough lounges and chairs for people, which makes it kind of hard to socialize. The hostel is located only a 5-minute walk to the markets, pub street and my favorite restaurant Sister Srey.

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Lub D Hostel Tour to Angkor Wat

Phnom Penh – One Stop Hostel

There are several One Stop or Onederz hostels around Cambodia, however, I can only give you my opinion on the one in Phnom Penh. One Stop hostel is conveniently located along the river where you’ll also find the night market and a couple of nice restaurants. The royal palace is only a 20-minute walk always and so is Wat Phnom. The hostel itself is relatively small, but not too crowded. I stayed at a female dorm with 6 beds on the third floor. The beds were sturdy and comfortable. There is also a small curtain which gives you more privacy and the lockers are big enough to stow away your backpack. There is only one bathroom on each floor with one shower and one toilet, which I found is a bit frustration, especially in the morning. On the bright side, the showers do have hot water, which is not common in Asia. The hostel was very clean and the staff super friendly. They also organize tours and buses for you and you can drop off your laundry too. Breakfast was decent, but not included in the price. There is a social area on the ground and one on the first floor. People mostly kept to themselves, but I met some cool guys on one of the tours.

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excuse me sir, no men allowed in the female dorm.

Kampot – High Tide

Unfortunately, I have not personally been staying in this hostel, but 5 people who I met (individual travellers) have and they all raved about it, so I thought I might as well include it in this little list. From what I’ve been told, this hostel is super chill, right on the river, clean and people would come back to Kampot solely because of the hostel!

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Shianoukville – Onederz Hostel

I only stayed for one night (that more than enough time to spend in Shianoukville), but just like the One Stop hostel in Phnom Penh, the Onederz hostel was clean, cozy and all in all a good choice. It’s a bit hidden from the main street which is good because traffic is crazy. The hostel is quite small, but somehow it doesn’t feel crowded. A pool in the middle of the hostel separates the spaces and gives the illusion of a bigger space. The rooms are quite small but tidy and with lots of storage space (again, I fit my whole 60L backpack in the locker). The staff is very helpful and friendly and organize transport for you. There is not much of a common area but since I was staying only for one night, I didn’t mind. You’ll get a free towel and the showers do have hot water. It does get busy in the bathroom in the mornings, which is quite common in hostels.

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Koh Rong Samloem – Easy Tiger

It was quite hard to find affordable accommodation on the island. Easy Tiger was the only hostel available at the time, since I pretty much booked it the day before arrival.  It’s not on the main beach, which I personally liked a lot. They are still building so there was a bit of construction going on, but they should be finished soon. Be warned that there are lots of mosquitos on the island and they also get into the dorm rooms. Luckily, all beds come with mosquito nets and also a fan, which is handy as it gets quite hot. The bathrooms were half in- half outdoors and even tough there only were about 4-5 shower/toilets I never had any trouble finding an empty one. There are only cold-water showers on the island. The hostel is right on the beach and there’s lounges and pillows to chill on.

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Koh Rong Samloem

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